Why I Write

At the end of my life I hope that readers, especially my family, will remember that I wrote about the human condition and spoke out on issues that would compel readers look at their world, their community, their neighbor, their family and friends with a little more empathy, compassion and understanding. I draw on day to day events in my life, in the news, or in my reading. It’s about rights, civil rights that every human being deserves. And because I had to fight for some of mine I want to help overs avoid the same situation.

I want people to take time to ask the questions. Where can I help? Who can I help? It doesn’t need to be a big deal, even the smallest gestures of kindness may inspire someone to fight on, try harder, to believe in themselves. I was raised by my parents, especially my Dad, to believe that I could be and do anything, as well as any other woman  or man. I hope my writing will help others find the same sense of freedom and confidence that if  they dare to dream, and if they are brave, they can reach their dreams.

Who or what gave you inspiration to become who you are today?

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Kecia Adams

    Lovely, ML! I really appreciate your notion of compassion. If we could all just take a moment to wish others well, I think many sad and tragic things would be eliminated from our human existence.


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